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An explanatory video regarding the NANOfutures Platform is available here
Integrating and Innovation Platform on Nanotechnology
FutureNanoNeeds. Framework to respond to regulatory needs of future nanomaterials and markets. FutureNanoNeeds will develop a novel framework to enable naming, classification, hazard and environmental impact assessment of the next generation nanomaterials prior to their widespread industrial use. It will uniquely achieve this by integrating concepts and approaches from several well established contiguous domains, such as phylontology and crystallography to develop a robust, versatile and adaptable naming approach, coupled with a full assessment of all known biological protective responses as the basis for a decision tree for screening potential impacts of nanomaterials at all stages of their lifecycle. Together, these tools will form the basis of a “value chain” regulatory process which allows a each nanomaterial to be assessed for different applications on the basis of available data and the specific exposure and life cycle concerns for that application. Exemplar materials from emerging nano-industry sectors, such as energy, construction and agriculture will be evaluated via this process as demonstrators. The FutureNanoNeeds consortium is uniquely placed to achieve this, on the basis of expertise, positioning, open mindedness and a belief that new approaches are required.
NANOfutures  Platform is now officially recognized as a Cross-ETP Initiative by the European Commission in the  context of the upcoming "Strategy for European Technology Platforms: ETP 2020". Please find this  document attached. During the course of the evaluation of the platforms and the deliberations, the European Commission services especially recognized the valuable work of this cross cutting initiative and, in particular, its impact bringing together the work of 11 sectorial ETPs as well as interest beyond these including civil society. Read more ...
Nanofutures is part of the recently started NanoDiode project. The European FP7 project NanoDiode, launched in July 2013 for a period of three years, establishes an innovative, coordinated programme for outreach and dialogue throughout Europe to support the effective governance of nanotechnologies. Read more ...
Integrated Research and Industrial Roadmap for European Nanotechnology. NANOfutures, European Technology Integrating and Innovation Platform on Nanotechnology. Read more ...
NANOfutures web communuity has axperienced a significant growth since the Roadmap CSA has started. 670+ members are involved in the preparation of the Nanotechnology strategy for Europe. NANOfutures a.s.b.l and its members are the basic element of this success story. Read more ...
You are invited to attend Industrial Technologies 2012. The NANOfutures workshop will take place on 20th of June Read more ...
Invitation to join the next NANOfutures working group meeting which will be held in Venice, Italy on November 22nd
   The meeting focus on explaining to you the selection of key nodes, the topics they cover and the results from the inventive sessions. Please find the agenda attached.
   There will be some time to ask for feedback. Please include to confirm your participation to Paula Queipo: (it is for logistics reason.
   The meeting is going to take place in the frame of the NanotechItaly Congress ( On the November 23rd there will be a special NANOfutures session and a matchmaking jointly organized by NANOfutures and the con-ference organisers where participants will have the possibility to book on-line one-to-one appointments with industrialists, researchers, NANOfutures key experts, etc. Platform members have a discount on the conference fee when registering on-line: 150  for the day of the 23rd just indicating in their registration the code: ni2011nanofutures.
NANOfutures Romania anunta formarea Clusterului National de Materiale Avansate.
: orice intreprindere, institut de cercetare, centru de cercetare, asociatie profesionala, ONG avand in obiectul de activitate obtinerea, caracterizarea, cercetarea-dezvoltarea-inovarea si servicii specifice legate de materialele avansate metalice, cera-mice, compozite si hibride, care doresc sa conlucreze pentru cresterea calitatii si compe-titivitatii productiei si serviciilor oferite in conformitate cu directiile prioritare ale strategiei europene si nationale care recunosc materialele avansate ca o ?tehnologie cheie? pentru toate domeniile de productie.
     Pentru a participa la formarea clusterului in prima etapa va rugam sa analizati proiectul PROTOCOLULUI de COLABORARE si sa il trimiteti semnat, stampilat ca anexa scanata pe adresa de e-mail: